What are you led by?

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” (Romans 8:14)

When I was younger, I was never one to follow the crowd. I learned very early on that if I could view chaos and pandemonium in the center of a particular group of people; it was NOT any place I wanted to be. As I grew however, so did my insecurities and spiritual deficiencies; and with these my need to hold on to others. Because of this, I began to seek acceptance from whomever I believed would extend it to me. It didn’t matter what was at stake because what mattered most was that I was accepted and brought into the fold of my “brethren”.


I quickly learned that what I thought I was getting, was the opposite of what I wanted. In my decision to follow others to find acceptance, what I found is that it left me more isolated than when I began. It was at this time that I started coming into truly understanding who I am, what I am purposed for and what that means to the Earth; and if I may, can I tell you that my learning this has been as recent as within the past two years. 

You may feel as if there are things in life that call out to you, and are vying for your affections, and they are.  These things seek your allegiance only to lead you down a dark path of the unknown and out of the arch of safety. There will be many things that will beckon your discipleship as you are on this journey and walk of faith. It is the enemy’s desire to sift you and break you down to your lowest common denominator, BUT GOD!

Yeshua has already made provision for every step you will take, (Psalm 37:23) and He has purposed your life in ways that you cannot even fathom (Jeremiah 29:11). This is the abounding love, grace, and mercy of our Sovereign God; to choose a people to do His work even though He knows we will reject Him, be ungrateful, turn our backs, etc. So... the next time the enemy whispers to you “nobody will ever want you, your own father, mother, friend, church family, (insert what applies to you) doesn’t even want you!” stare hell in the face and tell him “Satan be damned” I only answer to my Father as I know His voice (John 10:27). I was always wanted, and He proved it on the cross. I will not be led by my emotions, circumstances, or anything else. I will ONLY be led by His spirit, for I am His son, and this is what qualifies me!


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