Eat well, live well.


“Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well :Eating with Order, Not Disorder”

As “National Eating Disorder Awareness” month closes out, it is only appropriate to leave with the knowledge of how to eat with order. By not eating the appropriate foods, in the appropriate portions on a regular basis, the risk of the body not functioning properly, or in disorder, exists. Here are some basic tips and portions and a guide to help keep you on the path of eating well, living well and being well. 

In a healthy-portioned plate:

33% of it should be fruits and /or vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are useful in almost every area of the body: hair growth, eye sight, muscle growth, heart function, bowel movement and function, health of the skin, bone structure and function and breathing capacity. 

33% of it should be breads, rices and grains. Collectively, these are recognized as the starches, the energy giving carbohydrates. These give the needed energy so that the body is not converting fat into ketones and causing body cramping, fatigue, weakness, headache and even bad breath. 

7% of it should be food and drink high in fat or sugar. These are a majority of what we put on our food in a day: mayonaisse, oils, dressing, syrups, butter and margarine and that “cheat” beverage. Another step in eating healthy is opting for the lower sodium and lower sugar versions. 

15% of it should be proteins, minerals and  vitamins. This is where the meats, eggs, fish and beans come in. Vegetarians and vegans have lots of beans on this plate. Proteins help fight off infection and illness by making antibodies and help keep cells healthy as well as create new ones. 

12% of it should be milk and dairy foods. Other than milk, included are yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese. This helps in the body getting the needed calcium, protein and vitamins. The lactose-intolerant people can opt for lower fat and nonfat options. 

And of course we would be remiss without mentioning 48-64 ounces of water daily and exercise. 

Remember, eat well to live well and be well!



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