Our Future Defenders are children and teens between the ages of 3 and 18 years old. We provide a learning environment that meets their learning needs at their level of understanding. Our Future Defenders are taught not just the Word of God but what it means to defend the Kingdom and the King.  We ensure that they understand that, as God’s children, we do life according to God’s agenda and we must do it His way. 

Future Defenders is a dynamic group of young people who are equipped to live a life that honours God. We are equipping our youth with the knowledge and tools to understand who God is and what living for God means and looks like. Not only are we teaching them to live God's agenda, God's way, but we also have creative and fun fellowship opportunities.


During the Sunday Morning Worship Service, our Future Defenders are engaged in a session uniquely designed for them. Using an approved curriculum, the Future Defenders are taught the meaning of God's Word, how to apply it to everyday situations, and given scriptural focus areas to study and learn. Our Future Defenders have fun, share their experiences and provide peer-to-peer advice using their knowledge of God. Instructors are trained to answer questions and make the Word of God understandable for young minds. During Sunday School, the youth are given a small snack. 

In this season of virtual connection, our Future Defender’s Children & Youth Ministry becomes a family affair with engaging programming for children and teens from 3 to 18 years old including those with special needs!


FUTURE DEFENDERS VIRTUAL BIBLE STUDY: We are excited to host our bi-weekly Future Defenders virtual Bible Study. We invite you to log on to our live broadcast on Zoom every 2nd and 4th Thursday for a fun-filled worship experience like no other. Join a dynamic community of young learners as we take a look at the major points from the most recent Sunday School lesson. This will be a great opportunity for youth to connect and grow deeper in their relationship with God and our Future Defenders family.

Superintendent:  Sis. Sandra Battiste