UAD Global Education & Leadership Training Institute


We are dedicated to making sure believers are trained and educated on God’s Agenda as based on the Holy Scriptures. UAD Global Education  & Leadership Institute offers several trainings and Biblical instructions to give you an experience with God’s perspective. Our purpose is to teach the knowledge and application of God’s Word to our adults, youth, and children.


Pursing Divine Purpose Biblical Studies is a weekly thought-provoking class on our role as the elect of God in the earth. 

Whether new to the family of God or not, we understand it is imperative to know how to live in God’s spiritual world while still living on the earth. We strive to continually study the Bible for it is the tool and resource to allow us to see into the heart and mind of God our Father, teaches us eternity’s laws, and reveals the revelation of creation, God’s power within, our identity, purpose, and successful living (see  2 Timothy 2:15 KJV). We take an in-depth look at God’s world before time began, the events that transpired afterwards and how they play a part in our lives today. 

We meet online every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. Click here to register.


We believe as our soul prospers we are able to live God’s way and enjoy living abundantly. Our Soul Restoration Training educates you on the soul, its function, and how life’s trauma and distress are filtered through the soul.  We train you through Biblical study and instruction on the process of restoring the soul and how you can reclaim a healthy and productive life (see 3 John 1:2 KJV).

We meet online every 1st , 3rd and 5th Friday at 7:30 pm. Click here to register.


We offer biweekly Biblical Studies for our youth. Our Biblical Studies teaches the organics of the Holy Scriptures to affords our youth the opportunity to value, respect, and appreciate the righteousness of God. We teach youth how to use the Bible as the source of their identity, purpose, and power in Jesus Christ.  Our instructors deposit spiritual seeds by the Word of God to foster a sense of community and to empower through their lessons and activities (see Proverbs 22:6 KJV).

Our Future Defenders meet every 2nd  and 4th  Thursday at 6:30 pm. 

Click here to register your child(ren).


Prophetic Class is an education and training course that clearly outlines the role, responsibilities, and purpose of God’s Prophetic Officers. We teach the importance of understanding the prophetic officers as God’s agent and functionary to speak on His behalf and to reinstitute the original order of eternity on the planet (Amos 3:7 KJV). This class meets every 4th Thursday. Click here to register.