Dare 2 Dream

I am sitting here reflecting on how charged up I am for the new year. I have financial goals, personal goals and goals for my business--- so I thought to myself “I should do a dream board”. Immediately, I dismissed it because I reminded myself that I probably wasn’t going to fulfill the goals so why do it? Quickly after having this thought my spirit jumps in and reveals that I,---  or shall I say we, often talk ourselves out of experiencing God’s goodness, His providence and His active hand in our lives. In fact, we don’t talk, we silence what God has put on the inside of us and as a result we literally bind the hands of the Lord. We cut off His access to us creating a greater distance between him and us.

Dare to dream. I didn’t even let myself dream! Instead I let my soul give me reasons why I shouldn’t see myself as a goal accomplisher (Yes, I made up that word). I let my soul rob me of God’s goodness. As I kept thinking, I was reminded that there was one year where I observed my sister create a dream board, she achieved everything on it. I even think I created a miniature dream board for my son (I think it was potty training) and guess what? He achieved it! There is something to be said and noted when we articulate our dreams outside of our minds. When we speak it, we give license to it being alive. We also find ourselves now on the active side of accountability----and that can be daunting if you’ve not really had to put that into practice---but articulating the dream outside of our mind also releases the Kingdom resources to make it happen. It exercises and strengthens our faith.  It allows God to perfect some things in us, expose us to what is really on the inside of us, it allows us to see God for who He is and always has been---- but it also releases manifestation!

So….Dream. I dare you! The God-given thoughts or shall I say seeds didn’t come from just anywhere or anyone…Dare to articulate what God has given you and “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6 NIV



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