AI vs. I AM

A couple weeks ago I took a certification training and one of the components of the training dealt with AI generation. Anything from art to text you name it there was something that could “help” you find the voice you’re not so fond of; in addition to making your imagination spring to life in techno by the mere prompt of your choice. 

In the following weeks I heard about these same types of generators that could help you profess your love to someone if you haven’t quite found the words to do so yourself. I didn’t give it much thought, you know how trends are here today gone two weeks from now.


It wasn’t until the right words failed to come to me as I was writing a description for the website and began toiling with the thought of using one of these generators that it hit me: what better way for the enemy to intercept divine communication than to create and use his own. Not only would he intercept it but would attempt to completely wipe out divine communications through a means that almost everyone uses as a fair portion of the world cannot live without it: technology.


As I sat at my computer and did a search for AI generators Holy Spirit said to me, “You can’t find any words to describe who I am what I’ve done? You need a computer to help you do that?!”

 “But when the Comforter is come whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me.” (John 15:26 KJV) (emphasis added)

 I immediately got convicted as I thought, with all of the internal issues that I’ve got going on and am moving to allow Holy Spirit to work out of me; how is it that I cannot find words to say?! It moved me to ask myself a few things; have I gotten so caught up with “keeping up” that I have subconsciously deadened my senses to the Spirit of God? Am I so lazy that I cannot take out a few moments of worship to commit to Him that compel me to speak of His grace sovereignty goodness faithfulness kindness chastising love provision…I could go on forever! Finally have I been and am I so disengaged from the Lord that I do not have the ability to hold fast to His greatness and speak to it? What treachery in my heart!

The enemy may make you think “well what’s the big deal so you needed a little help with a website description what can that harm?” Think of all the new and innovative things that the world has produced (who’s genesis began in the Sovereign no less) that has cut off our communication and closed our hearts to Holy God! 

Beloved we must be vigilant to the subtleties of the wicked one and the devices of the enemy. We as the Body of Christ have let so many things go unchecked that now these things have grown to epic proportions i.e. prayer out of schools gender re-assignment corrupt politics and the list goes on.


Let’s do our due diligence in strengthening our relationship with the Lord so that we His people can prove that there is NO greater power than He is and that anything that seeks to take His place has already failed.

There is NOTHING that can outdo the divine intelligence and communication of the Sovereign God the I AM.

This simply means that in the quest to silence and snuff Him out AI is DOA!


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